Autumn Nostrum [our autumn] was formed in autumn 1994. The first members were Lars (d), Christoph (b), Sönke (g) and another guy who left the band quite in the beginning. Back then the band was called different names like "Anacostia" or "Korypheus" and as the guys were fresh on their instruments it was pretty much like performing noise instead of music. The average age of the members has been around 17.

Quite soon Marcus (g) and Tobias (v, k) joined. Each member improved his skills in the following months and what slowly turned out then could be called 'death metal'.

The band rehearsed in a jamming room in their secondary school. Having played the first gig with Tobias doing both, vocals and keyboards, it came clear that a new keyboarder was needed. He was found in Philip (k).

In 1996 Autumn Nostrum rented a jamming room in Düsseldorf.
After some more gigs the band recorded a 6-track cd at Skyline Studios. The cd (lim.500) had the innovative title 'Autumn Nostrum' and was released in late 1996. Due to positive reviews the cd sold good.

In December 1997 the band recorded six new tracks for a promotion cd. Though these songs were of high quality -with a lot of melody and fast 'power-riffing', only few reactions came on this release.

1998: A gig was played with Night In Gales and Dawn Of Dreams at the 'Sojus7' in the bands' hometown Monheim. During this year the music got more brutal and less melodic. As the new style didn't appeal to Tobias, he decided to leave the band. He was replaced by Tommy. As trendy keyboardsounds interfered with the bands new brutality, Philip dropped playing the synth to become Autumn Nostrum's second Death-Metal Shouter.

In summer '99 Autumn Nostrum recorded the 'Fuck You Ass' 7" ep (lim.200), which contained two brutal death metal songs. Due to weight and thickness of the vinyl the ep became the nickname 'Homicide Vinyl'.

In the same year Autumn Nostrum played at the Benne Open Air. This German festival was announced as a huge event with up to 3.000 spectators. But unfortunately in the end even bands like headliner Atrocity played in front of just 300 people.

Philip left the band in autumn 1999. He was short of time due to his job (i.e. becoming a millionaire with porn) and Lars was very involved in his job, too. It seemed like it was all over. Autumn Nostrum did their "last gig" in their jamming room in front of some friends, got drunk and smashed the whole fucking room, leading to about $900 repair costs.

In spring 2000, after a 6-month break, Autumn Nostrum was reactivated and busy with writing material for a complete album, because they had been offered a record contact by Aural Attack Productions. But then again Lars was fed up with playing in Autumn Nostrum. He decided to quit the band. No drummer with the same high abilities was found. The band officially split.

After the split Autumn Nostrum had the possibility to perform a gig together with Krisiun from Brazil in the 'AJZ' in Wermelskirchen. Of course they didn't let this event go by without them!
It was a great concert and definitely Autumn Nostrum's very last gig.